Josiah Bartlet Presidential Library
The President Josiah Barlet took such a weak position on gay right issues such as gay marriage. Considering that the he is a very religious person, he probably did not want to fight to improve gay rights. Religion sometimes may influence political decisions and endeavors. However, other US presidents have also taken a very weak position on the defense of gay rights. For instance, president Obama is in favor of improving gay rights but he has done very little to achieve new rights for gay people. President Obama has taken a middle position between those that fight to improve gay rights and those that want to maintain the status quo. Churches in the US are very powerful and influential and then politicians do not want to lose their support. Josiah Barlet assumed a weak position in favor of gay rights because he was protecting his political safety in a country in which gay rights is still a controversial subject.

Your reference librarian, Ana Bui


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