Josiah Bartlet Presidential Library
The phone rang just when my computer shut down for the day. As usual! Typically I shoot the caller over to voicemail, because it's never for me, but this time it was different.
This time, it was President Bartlet on the phone!
Yes, for real.
He is back in town for his annual summer holiday, and was poking around his old haunts and heard his old report cards had landed in our laps. He wanted to come and nose through the old report cards, and was wondering if he could stop by. In ten minutes.
I jumped about ten feet high and said 'Yes!' then ran around the library to make sure everything was worthy of a state visit.
President Bartlet came by a few minutes later with a smoothie for me from Frutika and I left him alone at my desk for an hour while he looked through the report cards. He was gracious and polite, and loved our new exhibits.
It was an honor, and an amazing incentive to work even harder to make this library the best it can be!


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