Josiah Bartlet Presidential Library
While president, Jed Bartlet named three Justices to the United States Supreme Court.  In Bartlet's first time, in 2000, Associate Justice Roberto Mendoza was named to fill the seat vacated when Justice Joseph Crouch retired. 

In his second term, in 2004, Jed Bartlet named two more Justices to the Court: Chief Justice Lang and Associate Justice Mulready.  When Associate Justice Owen Brady died in office and Chief Justice Roy Ashland became ill, the need to fill two seats simultaneously arose.  Circuit Court Justice Evelyn Baker Lang was selected to become the first women to hold the post of Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court.  To replce the conservative Justice Brady, an other conservative was selected to maintain the Court's balance.  Justice Christopher Mulready was chose to fill that seat.  Both Justices were confirmed easily.

-- Martin,  Resident Historian



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