Josiah Bartlet Presidential Library
Many museums have items that are either in need of repair or need protection. The JBPL is no different. Because our items are not as old, most of the time what they need is protection. My job as an archivist is to supervise this protection. So one of things I do for books is to make a book box, or as it's also known, a phase box.  Having been trained on the method developed by Per Cullhed (Although my training varies ever so slightly from these directions), the book box is a simple yet effective way to protect books and groups of paper items of further damage. The US National Park Service has a great Conser-O-gram on the importance of these boxes. These boxes are not only good protection, they are so very cost effective. They do not take long to make (fast workers can do two in an hour!) and the materials needed are low cost. At the JBPL, we use book boxes to hold many items such as the Bartlet's personal bible, the Nobel Prize medallion, and a first edition copy of President Bartlet's book.  Here is a nice video on how they are made (again, every archivist is different in how they make them)

At JBPL, we also have lots and lots of paper documents that also need protection. For many of the papers, they are started in archival safe (neutral ph) folders like the ones to the left. Those folders then, depending on the size of the collection go into a variety of sized boxes. Two of the most common that we use are:

Those are just two of the many ways, the JBPL is working to protect items of the former President.

Katrina - resident archivist


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