Josiah Bartlet Presidential Library

A day in the life of the President

This document shows the President's schedule of activities on Thursday, October 13, 2005.

Historically, this was considered a "light" day for the President as the was a State Dinner scheduled that evening with the outgoing German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder.

The schedule shows how fluid the President's day really is.  As situations arise, appointments are either moved or rescheduled or cancelled; new meetings are put in when events warrant.

On this particular day the President met twice with senior staff to discuss the upcoming summit with the President of Russia.  Unscheduled visits to the situation room caused movement in the daily schedule.  A call to the Prime Minister of Russia needed to be rescheduled during the State Dinner.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs came to the Oval Office instead of a scheduled phone call.  And the National Security Adviser bumped a scheduled appointment with the U.S. Trade Representative.

As this document shows, the President of the United States faces many adjustments to his daily life.  What could easily be considered a light day, can quickly turn to one requiring adjustments and ad hoc meetings.  Many times the President does not meet with the people he is scheduled to meet.